A Structured Democratic Defense of Indigenous Europeans

Their is a way in spite of past popular belief. To save the indigenous tribes of Europeans, non-violently. This article will prove in short order how things on the social battlefield of Europe can be turned within 13 months, and a new world-view can be disseminated among Europeans and millions of non-Europeans the world over.

#1 Repeat always, that Browns number around 4.8 billion, Blacks number around 1.4 billion, and Whites number around 750 million. And that Whites are the global ethnic minority.

#2 Never call yourself a “White-nationalist” instead, call yourself either an Anti-racist, or an indigenous-advocate, and tell people how genociding indigenous Europeans is the racist thing to do. And protecting them is the anti-racist thing to do.

#3 Do not “only” identify yourself as “White”. Call yourself something much. Such as by an actual ethnic tribal identity. Like “I’m ethnic-Gaelic”, or Celtic, or say “I am an indigenous-Germanic tribesman”.  Or be more in depth and say what tribe you actually identify with. Such as say, I am from the tribes of Ulaid of the ethnic-Celtic people. Or, I am of the Tribal Ambrones, which is of my ethnic-Germanic people.

After all, isn’t the whole purpose of trying to save our indigenous people so we can preserve our identities, and who we actually are throughout the ages?

#4 Hold banners and signs proclaiming “this is our indigenous tribal home lands, racist go back home to Africa and Asia”! -See how simple that was. It turns around the whole dialog on who the good guys and who the bad guys actually are. It changes world view, and shows the world that their is a legal case here based on international law. Specifically Article II Section C of UN Resolution 260.

Anyone who believes, supports, or promotes the current mass invasion of indigenous European tribes, is guilty of both genocide and being anti-Japetic bigots themselves.

If you like this article, please consider donating BTC to help fund this developing Think-Tank’s mission to develop the foundation that is needed to guide our persecuted people to safety. BTC address 1HZ5ZXrh6Yix9954zdvY2NmYBaDqvmoU2W


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