The Ongoing Genocide of Earths Global Ethnic Minority Europeans

As sad as it is, the ongoing genocide of indigenous Europeans called (ethnic-Japethites in the Bible) is an ongoing genocide. This is a continuation of the same genocide that has been going on since at least 1223 when Asian-racist began their ethnic cleansing of indigenous Russian and European Japetic tribal peoples. Genghis Khan, who was a notorious anti-Japetic bigot,and his Asian-supremacist descendants wiped out over 127,000,000 indigenous Russian and European tribal peoples in their indigenous home lands over a 300 year course of time. The Black-supremacist joined by attacking Southern Europe from their mega-African continent. Flooding into tiny Spain and France and Italy, enslaving, murdering, raping and genociding some 9,000,000 indigenous Europeans. Eventually these racist were pushed out by the native peoples. Which defend the diversity of the indigenous tribal peoples from the racist-globalist. However, as Genghis Khans descendants pointed out, while the Asian-supremacist could not destroy the Europeans with superior numbers in fighting. Then they should flood in with genocidal-breeding tactics to wipe out the indigenous tribal peoples of Europe. These racist policies and tactics of genocide continue till this day. By both the modern Moors and Asians. And all of this in complete violation of International UN law. Specifically Article II Section C of UN Resolution 260. Today racist are continuing the flood in by the millions with the soul aim of racial replacement. Africa is a mega-continent filled with more resources then tiny-Europe. Asia is the largest mega-continent of them all. And still these racist-majorities flood into the micro-continent of Europe. Europe does not have many resources either. Their is also a group who lives among the indigenous-Europeans, who are not really indigenous at all. They own the media, banks, IMF and so forth. The aid their fellow Asiantic cousins in this ongoing anti-Japetic ethnic cleansing of the European people.

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Article on Genocide

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